Opportunities to Partner

Provide Healthy Snacks and Supplies

We offer students healthy snacks twice a day, which means this is an area of constant need. We also go through paper products quickly, as well as school supplies. It costs approximately $50 a week to buy snacks and school supplies; thankfully, donations have cut this cost in half. Specifically, we welcome donations of pretzels, goldfish, animal crackers, and low-sugar juice boxes (not pouches—they squeeze too easily.) Are you able to help with this need?

Host a Home Meeting

One of the most productive ways for us to find partners who are interested in investing in our mission is through small gatherings in homes. We typically will do a “soft ask” with a response card for further follow up for those who are interested. Would you be willing to open you home to 5-10 friends to hear about Logos Academy Harrisburg?

Donate a Day

We have a number of volunteers who donate their time and skills to help us provide a quality learning environment that is diverse and expanding. We have volunteers who teach art, gym, yoga, music, and serve in the classroom. Are you able to serve weekly during lunch and recess or assist in the classroom once a week or as needed?

Adopt a Parking Space

Second City Church leases its parking lot to a number of local businesses and neighbors, leaving only a handful of spaces for school use. With a staff of 11 and a steady flow of volunteers and visitors, parking is at a premium. As a result, we’ve had to rent at least three spaces in other nearby lots at a cost of $90/month per space. Could you “adopt a space” by covering the monthly cost of one or more parking spaces?

Underwrite a Field Trip

This year we plan to take our first graders on three field trips. Unfortunately, insurance liability prevents our staff from providing transportation, so we are compelled to hire a transportation service. We defer some of the cost to our families, but this is a hardship for a number of them. Could you bridge the gap for these families or help underwrite some of the overall cost?

Provide Christmas baskets

Each year we like to send our students home for the Christmas break with Christmas baskets containing small gifts and goodies. We are looking for someone to partner with us in providing these baskets. Would you be able to provide baskets and/or small gifts and goodies?

Donate a Uniform

At Logos Harrisburg, elementary students are required to wear uniforms, which consist of a navy polo shirt and khaki pants, shorts, skorts, or jumpers. For several families, this is a stress on the household budget, particularly when additional uniforms are needed as replacements due to damage or soiling. Would you consider donating a uniform for an elementary student?