New City School is Open!

We are happy to be three weeks into our first year at New City School as a result of the generosity of so many of you. The children and their families thank you.

Brodey’s parents thank you— They moved from New Jersey in the spring and discovered Pennsylvania’s school system does not offer a Pre-K program. Having been referred to a number of private programs they were disappointed to discover tuition was the equivalent of “a car payment” and beyond that which this family of five could afford. They were so happy to find New City School’s Pre-K and immediately enrolled. Brodey’s family understands the importance of a high-quality kindergarten-readiness program.

Freddie’s grandmother thanks you— Freddie, a loving, active three-year-old who will benefit
immensely from New City School. His family learned about New City School through an information table at a National Night Out event in Midtown. His Grandmother is proud that he is in school and is happy for anyone to know this.

There are only four free Pre-K programs in the city of Harrisburg. Head Start is the largest and best known, but unfortunately always has a long waiting list. New City School is the only free program that is explicitly Christian and committed to a high-quality education of mind and soul.

The HighScope Perry Preschool Study underscores the long term effects of a pre-kindergarten program. This study shows that “adults at age 40 who had the preschool program had…

  • higher earnings
  • were more likely to hold a job
  • had committed fewer crimes
  • and were more likely to have graduated from high school than adults who did not have preschool.

The people who had gone to preschool had far fewer problems with the law. They were half as likely to be arrested. In other words, preschool cut the crime rate in half.” –American Public Media

The 2016-2017 school year is only the beginning. We have space and passion to build from here and envision expanding our program to add a ‘four/young five’ program next fall.

Please consider giving a financial gift to grow our program and continue to provide a high-quality education of mind and soul.