An Accessible Education Option

The State Department of Education released the 2017 School Performance Profile scores for Pennsylvania public schools. The scores for the Harrisburg School District are not encouraging. Harrisburg is still a failing school district with challenges all too common to city schools. It is a school district with many exceptional teachers and committed staff, who find their hands tied by limited resources and inadequate support.

While politicians debate and wrangle over solutions, students suffer and add to the growing list of those who start behind and stay behind. Even the most gifted of educators are challenged when they find themselves faced with a class of 25 kindergarteners, half of whom are struggling with significant behavioral or mental health issues. This all too common scenario hinders the education process for everyone in such a classroom.

New City School was started as an alternative, particularly for those whose financial means prohibit other schooling choices. Our small class size, strong teacher/student ratio, and minimal tuition opens the way for New City School to be a viable option.

This is why we are adding a class of Kindergarteners this fall (September 2018) a class of first graders next fall (September 2019) and so on through 8th grade. We are an alternative for students and families regardless of income. We are a place for those who value a high-quality education of mind and soul. For those who appreciate an education culture built on the love of Christ and who seek a classroom where genuine love and care is evident.