Construction is Well Under Way!

Having just celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and with construction now underway, I can’t help but think of the “resurrection” that has been going on with the building that houses our school. Thanks to the hospitality of Second City Church, Logos Academy Harrisburg resides in what was once the neighborhood school. Over the last several years, this neighborhood school has been “resurrected” to serve the education needs of the community once again; this time by providing a quality and compassionate education in a Christ-centered environment.

This resurrection continues as the next phase of construction is well under way. Frankly, students like Ja’Miyah and Ulani are not as enamored with the history of the building as many of us are. Rather, they are excited about being able to move up to fifth grade so they can continue their education at Logos Academy Harrisburg in a place where they are known and loved.

In order for construction to progress, we need to continue to meet our financial obligations, especially our annual fund, which provides scholarships to our students. This fund makes it possible for us to provide a “true” education–that of both intellect and character–so that students like Ja’Miyah and Ulani can continue to be shaped into young men and women of virtue. A special thank you to our 16 monthly donors! Regular monthly gifts help maintain our annual fund throughout the year and allow our students to continue to flourish.

Would you consider a monthly or yearly gift to our annual fund to help these students continue to grow? 

From the staff and students at Logos Academy Harrisburg, thank you for your partnership.